Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks everyone! Here's where things are at...

The response from this site has been overwhelming! I cannot thank you all enough for the support and generosity. It's meant so much. I love this town and it's so touching and humbling to see all the people from Philly and (to my surprise) all the amazing people from out of town and out of state who were willing and interested in helping me out. Donations came from as far as California, Texas, and Alaska!

I more than surpassed my goal of $3,000.00 and between the cars I'm checking out now I think I'll be able to get a new car real soon. Whatever is left of the money from the site has been promised to Erika Miliaresis whose car was flipped at Broad and Walnut. Her insurance won't cover the damages and I want to help her get a replacement car as well. Any donations from this point on will go to her (see her car below). Let's get Erika a car too! When this is fully resolved I'll put up a post to let you all know. Hopefully soon! Thanks again!